Surgical instruments | A proactive approach to care & maintenance

CSSD Care, maintenance & inspection of surgical instruments

Healthcare providers will never underestimate the importance of properly caring for all surgical supplies and tools. Critical to quality patient care, the longevity of a hospital’s surgical instruments always comes down to a strict cleaning process and conservative maintenance philosophy. This puts huge pressure on your CSSD to follow strict sanitizing protocols as well as […]

Overcoming CSSD challenges

CSSD surgical instruments supplies

    The CSSD (Central Sterilisation Services Department) could probably be considered the ‘heartbeat’ hub of your hospital or healthcare facility. Pre-cleaning and sterile storage – as well as the management of stocks and sets – are not only vital in the sterilisation process but also in the streamlining and efficient running of the daily […]

Get ‘dressed’ for (patient) success with Bactinet wound dressing

Bactinet - wound care treatment solution

  After filling up at the petrol pump en route to a busy surgery schedule, we’re confident you would never drive off with the fuel cap rolling off the roof of your car! The same risk–avoidance, duty-of-care principle applies when dealing with infection control in wound dressing.    Providing an optimum environment for wound healing […]

Tissue Aid | Filling the gaps in superior wound treatment

Wound treatment for cuts & lacerations

As medical practitioners, you are constantly exploring better and more efficient ways to care for your patients. While that commitment is generally realised through innovation and continuous professional development, breakthroughs in developing surgical products also offer clinicians the edge in creating better patient outcomes. As an essential component of primary care, superior wound treatment and […]

A unique approach to skin grafting & transplantation with MEEK

Skin grafting is a complicated and challenging process when called upon. Not only are you, as a medical practitioner, potentially faced with difficulties in harvesting skin grafts, but your limitations may also extend to insufficient donor skin, inferior medical equipment and incompatible dermatomes.    We agree that skin grafting is a vital intervention in serious […]

Surgical disposables | A supply checklist you’ll never throw away

Surgical disposables

As we recover from the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has come into contact with, and had first-hand experience, with surgical disposables. The humble face mask quickly became part of everyone’s attire, not just that of medical staff and practitioners. Entire generations – across the world –  have learned about the risks […]

Medical instrument sterilisation | Maximising patient safety

Surgical instruments sterilisation

The standard duty of care and critical practice of instrument sterilisation to avoid microbial contamination is not only a modern-day medical phenomenon. The Ancient Egyptians turned up the heat by using materials such as sulphur and tar as antiseptic substances. As the quality of surgical instruments improved and was able to withstand more significant levels […]

Burns Treatment | Extinguishing pain & infection timely & effectively

Effective tools & treatment for burns

  As we move into the cold winter months, many emergency departments, GP rooms and local clinics can expect to see a rise in patients seeking urgent treatment for burns. Whether it be injuries sustained in a house fire, accidents incurred while cooking or serious workplace incidents involving toxic chemicals, burns are a traumatic experience […]

The vital role of a surgical instruments supplier in operative success

Surgical instruments supplier South Africa

In a practice field that is relatively untouched by robotics and automation, tangible surgical instruments remain the proverbial ‘hammer and chisel’ to surgeons, GPs and nurses providing primary care. Much like the baker who depends on the best quality yeast and flour to craft the finest artisanal bread, a clinic needs to rely on a […]

Advanced wound care solutions for effective treatment & recovery

Advance wound care solutions for patient care

  Whether it’s a raucous rugby festival, a child getting to know the braai a bit too well, a dog bite or post-operative stitches that need delicate attention, wound care remains the first port of call for much of our primary care treatment. Nasty gashes and open wounds can present themselves at clinics at all […]

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