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Wound treatment for cuts & lacerations

As medical practitioners, you are constantly exploring better and more efficient ways to care for your patients. While that commitment is generally realised through innovation and continuous professional development, breakthroughs in developing surgical products also offer clinicians the edge in creating better patient outcomes. As an essential component of primary care, superior wound treatment and skin protection is an everyday part of your job. It is therefore essential to stock a product with superior flexibility to handle all shapes and sizes of cuts and lacerations that present themselves. 


Tissue Aid enters the conversation as a revolutionary, high-viscosity tissue adhesive. It not only generates a solid bond to ensure superior wound treatment and closure; but also provides the perfect solution to a no-needle surgical approach. 


Tissue Aid – Securing wounds without sutures

Developed by the Taiwanese company, Genejet Biotech – a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of wound management and skin protection treatment solutions – Tissue Aid has elevated the benchmark in replacing skin sutures as the optimal medical solution to accelerate wound closures. 

Tissue Aid for wound care

While the product offers similar strength and flexibility to sutures, the rapid reaction forming microbial and liquid barrier created ensures a notable reduction in possible infection rates. 


With a single application of the product being administered, there is no need for a patient to return for product removal. In the longer term, patients can also benefit from better cosmetic appearance and result in comparison to the deeper scarring left behind by sutures.  


 Advantages of Tissue Aid in effective wound treatment

Tissue Aid is a vital component in advanced wound care solutions:

  • It offers  pain-free intervention for patients with a fear of needles
  • It can also be used in tandem with deep-layer sutures
  • It creates an effective antimicrobial layer over the wound
  • It sloughs off by itself in 5-10 days – no need for follow-up removal
  • It comes in a larger tube than conventional tissue glue, offering greater capacity for extended wounds
  • 2 Applicators are provided per tube, minimising the need to discard leftovers. 
  • It forms a  breathable layer that promotes healing and helps prevent infection by reducing exposure to dirt and germs. 


Advanced wound care success depends on the availability of medical solutions to practitioners that offer strength and flexibility in administration, with optimal closing times, infection control and minimised scarring in their execution. Tissue Aid ticks all these boxes as a patient-centred wound treatment and is trusted by leading hospital groups worldwide. 


At Instrumental Healthcare, we are a proud distributor of Tissue Aid products in adhesive applications. 


Instrumental Healthcare – your advanced wound care stockists

With over two decades of experience providing South African hospitals and clinics with the quality and affordable surgical instruments, CSSDsolutions, surgical disposables and wound care products needed for optimal patient care, we go the extra mile to ensure that your patients are in safe hands with the right tools.


With a large inventory of leading medical products and an instrument servicing and repair team, Instrumental Healthcare is your key strategic partner in ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of quality healthcare to our citizens.


Contact Us today to request a quote for what your specific clinic requires, or view our website to explore the specialised range of products that we offer.


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