Get ‘dressed’ for (patient) success with Bactinet wound dressing

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Bactinet - wound care treatment solution


After filling up at the petrol pump en route to a busy surgery schedule, we’re confident you would never drive off with the fuel cap rolling off the roof of your car! The same risk–avoidance, duty-of-care principle applies when dealing with infection control in wound dressing. 


Providing an optimum environment for wound healing while protecting open or treated wounds from the risk of infection is a crucial component of patient treatment that no clinician can afford to gloss over. As such, advanced wound care is the proverbial dress rehearsal to ensure that infections and complications are prevented, scarring is minimised, and a healthy healing process is set in motion.  


Bactinet chlorhexidine gauze dressing – exclusively available from Instrumental Healthcare –  is a sterile, efficient and flexible wound dressing solution in the treatment of minor lacerations, burns, and graft sites.


Why use Bactinet?

Minimising the risk of infection – or managing prior infection – are top priorities for clinicians when treating a wounded patient. Applying Bactinet to damaged skin provides a protective layer to soothe and protect the wound while promoting efficient re-epithelialization. Clinical research studies have shown Bactinet to be effective against a broad scope of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).


The advantage of stocking Bactinet is that it comes in rolls making it a practical solution for applying to large wound areas and mitigating having to open multiple packs. 


Key Product Benefits
  • Bactinet contains 0.5% of chlorhexidine Acetate, decreasing the risk of colonisation.
  • Bactinet is designed as interlocking gauze yard threads to reduce instances of fraying when the wound dressing is cut into specific sizes.
  • Bactinet’s antiseptic efficacy is not affected by the presence of serum and blood.
  • The application of Bactinet still allows for the free flow of exudate to the wound.


Securing Bactinet Wound Dressing for your Clinic 

Instrumental Healthcare is the proud and exclusive supplier of Bactinet gauze dressing to hospitals, medical practices and clinics across South Africa; ensuring that you can provide a superior product for lacerations and burns treatment

Rigorously tested and backed by medical experts, it is used prolifically in hospitals to ensure rapid and effective wound closure without compromising the risk of infection. Recognising that wounds can present themselves in all forms, Bactinet can be custom cut in a wide range of sizes, including rolls for larger wound areas.


Instrumental Health – Helping you close the gap in successful patient outcomes

At Instrumental Healthcare, we understand what goes into running a hospital. With more than 20 years of experience supplying quality and affordable surgical instruments, disposables, advanced wound care solutions and CSSD solutions, we have built up an extensive range of supplies to meet your surgical needs at any given time. 

Allow us to take the frustration out of your medical procurement and maintain uninterrupted care for your patients.

Contact our Team today to request a quote on everything you need to keep your hospital’s inventory dressed for patient success.

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