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Running a hospital department can be complicated and costly, which adds high levels of stress. 


Instrumental Healthcare creates simple and innovative surgical solutions that help you achieve excellent patient care without frustration, giving you peace of mind.

If you're like most
clinical professionals we know...

You already work hard to provide your patients with the best possible care.

You care about your patient’s well-being and want to manage your unit economically.

But that's often easier
said than done!

It’s not easy running any surgical unit. Whether you have a private practice, run a busy operating theatre, or are responsible for a whole hospital group, there are many moving parts which need to fit together. 




  • Having high quality instruments and equipment which are worth the investment
  • Having to deal with different companies for your different surgical needs
  • Having to wait on long delivery times for your instruments
  • Having broken or redundant instruments lying around (you know that box in the corner of your theatre stores!)
  • Having to find a trusted supplier who knows their instruments and can be relied upon
  • Having to grow your hospital or unit in a tough economic climate

A partner you can rely on

With nursing sisters on our team who have specialised experience in the fields of theatre, CSSD and wound care, we understand all that goes into running these units. We’ve enjoyed the highs and struggled through the lows.


Add to this a business team with more than 20 years experience in surgical instruments, equipment and advanced wound care, and you have a company you can confidently partner with.


Years in

30 000+



Years of
Preferred Supplier Status

Trusted by these leading hospital groups

We believe in people

We believe that all have a right to employment opportunities.


Therefore, in accordance with South Africa’s transformative focus, Instrumental Healthcare is in proud partnership with a firm of young, black professionals, who bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience.


With a foundation built on strong relationships, we are proud to announce a B-BBEE status of level 2.


The tools & support
you need

Surgeon holding surgical instruments, wound care tools and burn treatment equipment.

Are your instrument sets driving you crazy? We provide quality instruments to cover a range of disciplines, backed up by personalised after sales service.

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Treating complex wounds is often challenging & costly. Enjoy the life changing power of advanced wound therapies: from wound closure to the best solution for your high TBSA burns. 

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Dealing with broken or malfunctioning instruments can be a nightmare. Our in-house service centre ensures quick turn-around times when keeping your sets and equipment maintained.

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The pre-cleaning and sterile storage of your surgical instruments are vital steps in the sterilisation process. We cover everything from cleaning brushes to containers, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Having quality disposable products on hand when you need them, is key to running an efficient theatre complex. Our range of surgical disposables includes everything from insufflation tubing to dermatome blades.

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