Surgical instruments | A proactive approach to care & maintenance

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CSSD Care, maintenance & inspection of surgical instruments

Healthcare providers will never underestimate the importance of properly caring for all surgical supplies and tools. Critical to quality patient care, the longevity of a hospital’s surgical instruments always comes down to a strict cleaning process and conservative maintenance philosophy. This puts huge pressure on your CSSD to follow strict sanitizing protocols as well as delicate handling procedures to maintain the unique properties of the various surgical supply kits. 


Beyond a complex CSSD surgical instruments checklist, the value of utilising a reputable provider for instrument servicing and repairs for successful patient outcomes cannot be understated. 

Surgical instruments are one of the most critical investments a hospital or clinic can make and are costly to replace, so a similar investment needs to be made in how they are taken care of. 

Our comprehensive and proactive approach – to ensure your surgical instruments’ longevity, effectiveness and safety – will set your hospital apart when it comes to your duty of care funnel. 


​​#1 Know your surgical instruments

Knowledge of your surgical instruments – materials and purpose – presupposes a care, cleaning and maintenance strategy. This will inform how they should be handled and the appropriate cleaning materials to prolong their life. (Surgical steel, stainless steel, chromium and titanium all have different care protocols). 


  • Stainless steel – can be sterilised in an autoclave at 180°C
  • Surgical steel – highly resistant to corrosive biomedical elements
  • Chromium – highly resistant to oxidation (rust)
  • Titanium – highly resistant to chemical corrosion


Browse our affordable range of instrument cleaning brushes, tip protectors, marking tape, baskets, containers and autoclavable silicone mats. 


#2 Establish a routine

Your CSSD staff are the quintessential guardians of surgical instruments. Their pre-surgery checks and post-cleaning and sterilization routine of kits require uncompromising diligence. 


If surgical supplies are not immediately rinsed after a procedure, residue will cause staining. To further minimize the risk of corrosion and water spots, dry thoroughly. (Instruments such as forceps and scissors need to be dried in an open position). 


The following additional steps should always be in place to ensure the longevity of your surgical instrument kits

  • Don’t allow Bioburden to dry on the instruments
  • Be gentle when handling (use the correct brush)
  • Carefully inspect the instrument for pitting, rust or signs of corrosion
  • Carefully inspect to ensure mechanical proficiency
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the proper sterilisation method is used (steam, dry heat or chemical sterilisation)
  • Pack carefully to avoid damaging instruments (use tip protectors) 
  • Send for preventative maintenance to prolong instrument life 
  • Document/keep a record of work done


#3 Inspect frequently

Regular inspections are vital to extending the lifespan of your surgical instruments. Any damaged instruments should be removed from use and either repaired, serviced, or replaced. Sharpening, or lubricating instruments that have any metal-to-metal action before autoclaving, are crucial maintenance steps to extend the lifespan of your instruments.

Follow our Instrumental Healthcare inspection guide:

Surgical instruments inspection & maintenance #1


Surgical instruments inspection & maintenance #2

#4 Utilise a surgical instruments service centre

Streamlining your in-house cleaning, sterilisation and maintenance of surgical instruments will impact patient care and safety, patient turnaround time, surgeon satisfaction and overall hospital profit. 

The additional value of our surgical instrument service centre includes specialized technical expertise and resources, routine professional inspections, diagnostics, timely repairs and maintenance services. 

Instrumental Healthcare is your trusted medical supplies partner when it comes to assisting your CSSD and prolonging the life of your surgical instruments. From scissor sharpening, joint lubrication and repairs to the replacement of condemned instruments, our certified technicians and quick lead times lend a hand in ensuring the efficient running of your hospital. 

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