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Surgical instruments sterilisation

The standard duty of care and critical practice of instrument sterilisation to avoid microbial contamination is not only a modern-day medical phenomenon. The Ancient Egyptians turned up the heat by using materials such as sulphur and tar as antiseptic substances. As the quality of surgical instruments improved and was able to withstand more significant levels of heat, steam sterilization became the status quo in disinfecting metal and non-metal instruments.


Fast forward to the 21st century. The continuing emergence (and evolution) of pathogens, viruses and bacteria require a robust sterilisation department as a vital and uncompromising part of any hospital or clinic processes. Because it’s the little things that matter when crucial intervention is called upon, Instrumental Healthcare explores the importance of a smooth running CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) and the basic instrument sterilisation stock essentials that every clinic should have readily available.

Containing instruments to avoid contamination

Maintaining the product life of your valuable surgical instruments requires an efficient casing solution, both for transport and storage. Sterilisation containers, made using high-grade aluminium, protect your instruments through regular washing cycles while keeping your inventory clean throughout the instrument sterilisation process.



Surgical instruments, sterilising containers


Wire Baskets

Whenever surgical instrument trays need to be reprocessed, there will often be a need for baskets and trays in various sizes and strengths to facilitate the sterilisation process. Clinics require optimal wire forms, curvature and corrosion resistance to meet their specific needs, which is why we recommend stainless steel wire baskets for maximum instrument handling and protection. At Instrumental Health we proudly supply hospitals with a range of affordable wire baskets.

Brush up on any gaps in your instrument sterilisation process

While the dentist recommends brushing twice daily, we are all too aware that there is no skipping the brushing process for every single procedure carried out in your health practice. Stocking up on a wide variety of cleaning brushes ensures that you have the specific tools to remove debris and soils from the interior and exterior of your instruments and devices. As a CSSD and surgical instruments supplier, we provide medical practitioners with a diverse range of cleaning utensils, including acetabular, nail cleaning and lumen brushes to ensure successful sterilisation maintenance.

Rolling out the blue mat(s) for instruments and staff

Not only do we provide silicone mats to prevent damage to medical instruments during transport & storage, and raised magnetic mats to hold instruments in place, but we also consider the medical practitioners who use the instruments.


Surgical instruments sterilisation mats


When your team is on their feet for long hours overseeing delicate surgical procedures, it is vital to create an environment that prevents fatigue and promotes comfort and support while in the line of duty.

Anti-fatigue microbial mats, such as the Blue Cloud-Gel™, are scientifically engineered to help alleviate discomfort as well as back and leg pain while surgeons and assistants are standing for hours on end. If your practice does not yet utilise these mats, you can get in touch with us to request a demo.

Instrumental Healthcare – Your trusted supply partner in CSSD excellence

At Instrumental Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing clinics and hospital departments with access to affordable surgical instruments, consumables and wound care solutions from the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers. We recognise the importance of instrument sterilisation and offer your clinic a broad range of CSSD products, allowing you to meet and exceed this important component of your service delivery.

From instruments to infection control, schedule a call with our team to find out how we can assist you in having the right solutions in place when you need them most

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