A unique approach to skin grafting & transplantation with MEEK

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burn wound needing split thickness skin graft

Skin grafting is a complicated and challenging process when called upon. Not only are you, as a medical practitioner, potentially faced with difficulties in harvesting skin grafts, but your limitations may also extend to insufficient donor skin, inferior medical equipment and incompatible dermatomes. 


We agree that skin grafting is a vital intervention in serious burns treatment, but traditional methods are beset with difficulties that challenge their place in advanced wound care.


However, before your clinic looks at skin grafting alternatives – such as costly biologic and bioengineered skin substitutes – you will be pleased to hear about the reintroduction of the MEEK technique, in a modified and revolutionary way.


Introducing MEEK micrografting, exclusively by Humeca

Amid growing calls for a modified mesh-graft technique that better addressed the challenges of limited donor skin, wound closing time and infection control, two Dutch surgeons approached Humeca to create a superior solution for burns surgeons treating severe wounds.


After rigorous engineering, redesigns and thorough testing, the modified (and modernised) MEEK technique was finalised and released for medical distribution. 


Almost three decades after its inception, it has become the foremost application for burns centres, worldwide, where larger expansion ratios are required and a paucity of skin graft donor sites occur. (Historically, the Meek was used for larger burns, but a shift is being made to using it for smaller burns too, making it suitable for all TBSA percentages.)



closeup of meek technique blades for burns surgery

Why adopt MEEK micrografting in your practice? 

The MEEK Micrografting method prevails over all other products on the market by focusing on and solving core burns treatment challenges:

  • limited autograft donor sites. 
  • heightened infection risk, 
  • poor epithelialisation 



skin islands in meek technique for burns surgery



Central to this are the pre-folded gauzes which offer doctors larger expansion ratios, of up to 1:9, if required. If you are presented with a patient that displays extensive skin and soft tissue damage, MEEK Micrografting offers the following unique advantages, among others;

  • Rapid and consistent epithelialisation
  • Expansion Ratios of 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:6 and 1:9 (successfully reported)
  • Superior Graft Take, consistent with the correct orientation of graft islands
  • The failure of a few skin islands on the surface does not affect the universal graft take
  • Reduction in infections
  • Quicker healing process and a high success rate. 

With the MEEK Micrografting Technique, a small amount of skin goes a long way.


The Humeca promise for skin grafting and transplantation

Humeca, established in the Netherlands, has been pioneering innovation in the field of burns treatment since 1981. It is the only company in the world that supplies the revolutionary MEEK Micrografting products, along with comprehensive training on successful application. 



skin island on burn wound bed in meek surgery



At Instrumental Healthcare we believe it stands apart from the competition and is the modern answer to all burns and related injuries that required skin grafting and transplantation. We are proud to source and supply MEEK products to our valued customers as part of our skin grafting equipment portfolio. (These include dermatomes, meshers, dermatome blades and derma carriers). 


Instrumental Healthcare – Your consolidated surgical solutions supplier

Trusted by leading hospital groups and clinics across the country, Instrumental Healthcare is committed to taking the frustration and stress out of your supply chain management. For more than 20 years, we have supplied surgical instruments, equipment, advanced wound care, CSSD and disposables that clinics rely on to treat patients and minimise any hospital downtime. 

Visit our website to view some of the 30,000 + products available or request a quote to streamline all your surgical and equipment needs.


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