Advanced wound care solutions for effective treatment & recovery

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Advance wound care solutions for patient care

Whether it’s a raucous rugby festival, a child getting to know the braai a bit too well, a dog bite or post-operative stitches that need delicate attention, wound care remains the first port of call for much of our primary care treatment. Nasty gashes and open wounds can present themselves at clinics at all hours of the day and night. It is therefore vitally important that healthcare providers are suitably equipped with advanced wound care solutions to provide the utmost level of care – when it matters most.


Other than the body’s normal defence mechanisms, when it comes to wound care, your patients rely not only on your medical expertise but also on the best surgical solutions available to ensure a positive outcome and recovery.

At Instrumental Healthcare, we are committed to equipping clinics and hospitals with industry-leading products and advanced wound care solutions to keep your unit running and fully stocked to handle any emergency.


Let’s explore a variety of options available to medical professionals to treat a variety of common patient problems.


MEEK Micrografting – Assessing and addressing burns

Once tissue damage – as a result of a burn – has been assessed, practitioners need specialised wound care solutions to control pain, protect the skin and prevent infection.

For more serious TBSA burns, micrografting has emerged as an effective treatment technique through the application of pre-folded gauzes, which achieve much better skin closure and remodelling compared to traditional skin expansion methods. At Instrumental Healthcare, we endorse the Meek technique to equip clinical practitioners with the right wound care therapies to tackle complex burn cases.



MEEK Technique for burn wound care


Tissue Aid – Developing a strong bond with patients

Once a laceration has been brought under control and a no-needle treatment approach can be followed, tissue adhesive is your wound care best friend for painless and easy-to-perform treatment to accelerate the closure of a wound. Without the need for anaesthetic or the insertion of sutures (and the subsequent follow-up visit), tissue adhesive is a particular favourite for paediatric treatments. For unparalleled bonding, rapid apposition and effective healing, we recommend and stock clinics with TissueAid™ high viscosity tissue adhesive, developed by GeneJet Biotech.



Tissues Aid for wounds




EZbra – Adding feminine comfort to breast dressing

The post-operative recovery process for breast procedures – including mastectomies, breast reconstructive surgeries, breast reductions and breast augmentations – can be a sensitive and traumatic time for patients who require a balance of medication and advanced wound care solutions. In the follow up to each woman’s unique recovery journey, there used to be very little on the market which offered an adjustable solution and controlled compression.

But thankfully, EZbra has hit the nail on the head in the breast dressing market, with the design and release of a sterile and disposable post-surgical bra which makes the recovery process more comfortable and supportive (in every sense of the word); allowing patients to heal with dignity.



EZbra for post operative breast wound care




Instrumental Healthcare – Your partner in advanced wound care solutions

With over 20 years of experience in providing surgical instruments, solutions, and wound care innovations to leading hospital groups across South Africa, Instrumental Healthcare streamlines your uninterrupted provision of quality healthcare to your patients. We pride ourselves on providing the right tools, at the right time at competitive prices, backed by nationwide coverage to ensure quick and efficient delivery.


Visit our website to view some of our products, or schedule a call today with a member of our team to consolidate your unit’s needs with a partner you can rely on. 

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