Surgical disposables | A supply checklist you’ll never throw away

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Surgical disposables

As we recover from the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has come into contact with, and had first-hand experience, with surgical disposables. The humble face mask quickly became part of everyone’s attire, not just that of medical staff and practitioners. Entire generations – across the world –  have learned about the risks of cross-contamination and mitigating the spread of diseases through single-use medical supplies. We can only hope that the current trend evolves into a better understanding of personal care and hygiene, and an overall healthier planet.


Of course, surgical disposables have been part of everyday life for doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses long before modern pandemics and will continue to be so in the daily treatment of patients. 


From pre-surgery and post-op recovery to ongoing treatment, the use of disposable medical supplies has become an essential infection control method for healthcare providers. It also removes the necessity, time and cost involved in reprocessing reusable devices.



Here are a few tips your practice can implement to eliminate cross-contamination while controlling your operating costs and saving time:


1. Insufflation tubing with built-in filtration to eliminate bacteria and viral contamination 

Used during endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, insufflation tubing creates a highly effective, built-in filtration system to trap and exclude harmful pathogens and potential reflux fluids during the course of surgery. 


At Instrumental Healthcare, we source and supply DEHP-free insufflation tubing as part of our surgical disposable catalogue, which is compatible with a wide range of insufflation units. 


2. Suction and Irrigation – sidetracking any secretions

It is imperative that the abdominal cavity is kept clear of liquid and blood during laparoscopic procedures. The danger of using reusable suction and irrigation devices lies in the potential risk of cross-contamination due to difficulties in thoroughly cleaning the inner working mechanism of these devices. 


To avoid complications and potential liabilities associated with incomplete medical instrument sterilisation, more surgeons now adopt a disposable approach to suction and irrigation during surgery and examinations. 


At Instrumental Health, we supply quality disposable suction and irrigation devices at competitive prices. By keeping a healthy volume of stock available, our team can meet your advanced or immediate S/I needs. 


3. Keeping a grasp on your sutures and needles

Among some of the most essential tools used in primary care and surgery, suture graspers and needles pose the greatest risk of bacterial contamination if reused without thorough sterilisation. 



Surgical instruments, sutures & needles




The Verres needle offers a safe and cost-effective method of intraperitoneal access in laparoscopic surgery. It features both a spring-loaded stylet which emits an audible click to signal its passing through tissue layers and also a red colour indicator to confirm successful insertion. 


Along with suture graspers, Verres needles represent some of the most important surgical disposables that surgeons and practitioners need to have readily available. At Instrumental Health, we ensure that your practice has access to these high-quality disposables, with low-lead times. 


4. Skin grafting made simple with Dermatome carriers and blades

In a recent blog examining effective burns treatment for different severities, skin grafting has proven to be a versatile solution for both low and high TBSA burns. Using sterile-packed, disposable dermatome blades provides extreme precision when removing surface layers of skin for the successful harvesting of skin grafts. 


Furthermore, the single-use derma carrier manufactured by Humeca has the unique advantage of helping clinicians to prevent graft slipping while helping carve personalised skin ratios for the patient being treated. These derma carriers are extra-length (40% longer than the competition) enabling a longer, smoother graft.


At Instrumental Healthcare, we supply hospitals and clinics with the Humeca range of disposable dermatome blades and derma carriers. 


Instrumental Healthcare – Your surgical disposables supply partner


At Instrumental Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing hospitals and clinics –  across South Africa – with a healthy stock level of affordable surgical instruments, wound care, CSSD and surgical disposables. We understand that maintaining a standard of medical excellence can be hard work and we are here to take the stress out of your supply chain management.

Discover how Instrumental Healthcare can assist your practice in maintaining uninterrupted patient care by scheduling a call with our team today.




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