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Advanced Skin Grafting Technology & Methods

Skin Transplantation Technology


You’ve been using outdated dermatomes with heavy, chunky handles, frustrating and inconvenient consoles and cables, that cause exasperation when it comes to obtaining a smooth graft with precision thickness.

Humeca D42 & D80 Dermatomes


  • Battery operated 
  • 75 minutes cutting time 
  • Pinpoint tolerance for precision grafts 
  • Quick blade replacement possible without tooling
  • Aseptic battery technology 
Humeca dermatome for skin grafting


The start-stop process of the ratchet mechanism and difficult-to-use derma-carriers mean that you’re wasting precious time and money just to get inaccurate expansion ratios and very limited wound coverage.

Humeca Mesher


  • Spring mechanism prevents blades damage 

  • Continuous rotational drive; no intermittent pulling of a ratchet 

  • Cutting axis can easily be replaced

  • Symmetric V-pattern of grooves derma-carriers prevent sideward movement  

  • Derma-carrier standard length 280 mm – up to 40% extra length 


MEEK Micrografting

skin islands for skin grafting

Using old meshing methods to perform any skin transplant procedure has traditionally been a long and frustrating process for both team and patients. You’ve had to deal with fragile meshed skin, faulty expansion ratios that result in inadequate graft coverage as well as wastage of valuable skin, and loss of entire grafts due to one area of infection. All this leads to multiple grafting and OT procedures, increased risk of infection, prolonged hospital stays and ultimately poor patient outcomes.

MEEK Micrografting

  • Very small donor site required
  • Large expansion ratios – up to 1:9
  • Any small skin fragments can be used
  • Fast and uniform epithelialisation
  • Excellent graft take due to correctly orientated graft islands

Hear from Surgeons who already use
the Humeca Skin Transplant Range:

“I had a young 2-year-old patient with 50% burns. My biggest frustration was not being able to harvest enough viable skin from this tiny body to cover the entire burn surface.

Using the Humeca D42 dermatome meant I could get a precise skin graft even on a small child. With the MEEK skin expansion system, I managed to cover the burn surface with the little skin I had harvested. I was less frustrated and ended up with a happier patient.”

Plastic Surgeon


“During previous surgeries, some of my biggest challenges were adequately working dermatomes and ensuring batteries were properly charged. More than this, unsightly scarring from poor harvesting of skin, slow healing and increased donor site morbidity added to my frustration.

Now, especially when performing the MEEK technique, using the Humeca dermatome...there isn’t another I would use. Instrumental Healthcare provides phenomenal products and great technical/backend support.

Don't think too hard about it. Just take the plunge and you won't be upset!”

Plastic Surgeon


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At Instrumental Healthcare, we understand your frustration with the skin grafting tools currently available because we have formed close relationships with prominent surgeons and private wound care practitioners in South Africa.


In response to these challenges, we have partnered with Humeca, a trusted industry-leader from the Netherlands to bring you cutting-edge skin transplantation solutions.

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