The vital role of a surgical instruments supplier in operative success

Surgical instruments supplier South Africa

The vital role of asurgical instruments supplierin operative success In a practice field that is relatively untouched by robotics and automation, tangible surgical instruments remain the proverbial ‘hammer and chisel’ to surgeons, GPs and nurses providing primary care. Much like the baker who depends on the best quality yeast and flour to craft the finest […]

Are your skin grafting methods outdated?

outdated skin grafting methods

Are your skin grafting methods outdated? Use this checklist to find out So, you feel like your skin grafting toolsare out of the dark ages. We totally get it! You’re convinced there must be a better way to perform skin grafting procedures. You’re frustrated with complicated equipment, masses of cables and unusable grafts. So, what could […]

Advanced wound care solutions for effective treatment & recovery

Advance wound care solutions for patient care

Advanced wound care solutionsfor effective treatment & recovery Whether it’s a raucous rugby festival, a child getting to know the braai a bit too well, a dog bite or post-operative stitches that need delicate attention, wound care remains the first port of call for much of our primary care treatment. Nasty gashes and open wounds […]