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Effective tools & treatment for burns


As we move into the cold winter months, many emergency departments, GP rooms and local clinics can expect to see a rise in patients seeking urgent treatment for burns. Whether it be injuries sustained in a house fire, accidents incurred while cooking or serious workplace incidents involving toxic chemicals, burns are a traumatic experience for any victim. Not only do burn injuries require rapid intervention but also relevant clinical solutions for pain management, skin protection and infection control.  Having the correct surgical solutions at your disposal to effectively treat these serious emergencies with effective (and personalised) burns treatment solutions is vital for compassionate and quality patient care.


Treatment of first-degree burns

Getting too close to the flames of a campfire or a nasty brush with a hot stove or splattering oil may require medical intervention to soothe blistering skin. While patients with first-degree burns – where only the epidermis is affected without penetrating lower tissues and underlying nerves – may experience a great deal of pain, with rapid and effective treatment, they will heal over the course of the next few days.



Treatment of first-degree burns



To ensure that your medical practice has the right burns treatment solutions at its disposal to manage and treat first-degree burns, we recommend that you have sufficient stock of sterile bandages and dressings from reputable brands such as Bactinet.


Second-degree burns treatment

With the presentation of a second-degree burn, the treatment becomes more complex and challenging. The level of partial-thickness must be determined before an effective treatment approach is administered.

Clinicians also hope that patients have not made the mistake of applying ice or home remedies which further complicate the treatment, along with increased infection risk.



Treatment of second-degree burns



Upon examination and prognosis, a clinic should have a readily available supply of advanced wound care inventory, including gauze and loose dressings as well as antibiotic creams.


Third-degree burns – A surgical approach

If you are treating and managing a complex burn injury which has caused serious damage to the skin and underlying nerves, tissue and muscles, a more specialised approach is required to treat the burn area and any subsequent scarring. In severe cases, where the risk of bacterial infection is high, skin grafting is a key intervention to protect the underlying tissue and contain any infection spread.

At Instrumental Healthcare, we endorse the MEEK Micrografting technique that boasts a faster wound closing time and a larger, more accurate expansion ratio than other grafting methods. It is an invaluable and flexible solution, made available to doctors and surgeons when handling low and high TBSA burns.

We also supply Humeca’s innovative burn solutions including cordless dermatomes, meshers, dermatome blades, and derma carriers. And for the ongoing maintenance of these products, we offer in-house servicing and repairs by our qualified technicians.


Instrumental Healthcare – Providing the tools to tackle trauma and more



At Instrumental Healthcare, we pride ourselves on enabling hospital departments and medical practices to provide uninterrupted patient care by streamlining the supply of effective surgical instruments and advanced wound care solutions. From burns treatment products to primary and revision surgery essentials, we ensure that you always have the equipment and support you need to provide the best level of care when it matters most.

Visit our website to view our growing range of products from leading global manufacturers, or schedule a call today with our Sales team to ensure a ready supply of surgical solutions that work as effectively as you do. 

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