Wound Care Solutions

Not only do we offer surgical instruments, we also have a keen focus on advanced wound care solutions and aesthetics. We offer well researched, clinically proven solutions and technology to address the many questions arising from complex wounds and challenging scenarios.  Working in close relationship with our clinicians, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to every patient and every wound. 

Our primary aim is always to SOLVE – not just to sell.  

We derive great satisfaction in seeing first hand the life changing power that advanced therapies have to transform lives for the better. 

EZbra - The Ideal Breast Dressing for All
Breast Procedures

EZbra Breast Dressing is an all-in-one medical device that provides absorption, compression, drain stabilization, and customization to fit asymmetric breasts.

Controlled compression levels to define and fixate breast folds, stabilize implants, and hold drains.

Adjustable  straps allow each breast to be adjusted separately, allowing  support
of asymmetric breasts.

Innovative design makes it easy-to-use; reducing OR time, recovery time, and recurring patient clinic visits.

Adhesive Free not made from natural rubber latex or adhesives. Made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries.

Designed with upper flex-bands to hold and stabilize drains, reducing pain and discomfort while lower flex-bands safely carry and hold drains and tubes.

Key Features of the EZbra Breast Dressing

Sterile & Disposable

Absorbent Semi-Occlusive Dressing


Stabilizing Drains

Definition of Breast Folds

Independent Use

Controlled Compression

Not made with adhesives & natural rubber latex

Easy Application

EZbra breast dressing absorbency
3 Absorbent, Breathable Layers
EZbra breast dressing tabs
Upper and Lower Tabs
EZbra breast dressing drains
Convenient Drain Placement
EZbra breast dressing comfort
Available in different sizes

Omega 3 Fish Skin for Tissue Regeneration

Kerecis Omega3 is intact fish skin rich in naturally occurring Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. When grafted onto damaged human tissue such as a burn or a diabetic wound, the material recruits the body’s own cells and is ultimately converted into living tissue.

Compared to mammalian-based skin substitutes, Kerecis Omega3 offers improved economics and clinical performance, as well as reduced disease transfer risk and no cultural constraints on usage.

Other tissue-transplant products are based on tissues of human and porcine origin. These are not ideal substitutes because heavy processing is needed to eliminate the risk of disease transmission. This harsh, anti-viral treatment removes most of the material’s natural components, making it dissimilar to human skin.

Unique KERECIS Omega3 Fish Skin Features

Homologous to human skin

No cultural or religious barriers to clinician/patient acceptance

Easier to use, with larger, thicker sheets (no need for multi-layer grafts)

Non allergenic and bio-compatible

No known risk of disease transfer

Enhanced cell proliferation and vascularization

Improved infection control

Encourages cell ingrowth due to higher porosity

Human Skin Graft
Fish Skin Graft
Acellular Fish Skin rich in Omega3's
Kerecis, Iceland

The MEEK Skin Expansion Technique

Every doctor will admit, burn wound treatment involves multiple challenges. There is a great risk of infections and poor epithelialization and the lack of auto graft donor sites is a limiting factor in achieving wound closure in cases of extensive skin defects.

Our unique MEEK technique is reported to be superior to other grafting methods. Imperfections of the original method were overcome and the prefolded gauzes are now manufactured with expansion ratios 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:6 and 1:9. The clinical results are excellent, even in problematic zones and in case of inferior wound beds. The method appears to be a simple technique to achieve a regular distribution of postage stamp grafts, correctly orientated to the surface of the wound.

Unique MEEK features

Very small donor site required

Large expansion ratios - up to 1:9

Any small skin fragments can be used

Fast and uniform epithelialisation

Excellent graft take due to correctly orientated graft islands

Failure of a few islands does not affect overall graft take

Cosmetic results comparable with mesh graft of a lower expansion

Grafts very easy to manipulate

Meek Micrograft Day 0
Meek Micrograft Day 7
Meek Micrograft Day 20
Supple Healed Skin

TissueAid™ High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive

TissueAid™ tissue adhesive is intended for topical application to close wounds from surgical incisions and trauma-induced lacerations. TissueAid™ may be used in conjunction with deep dermal sutures.

TissueAid™ is provided in a sealed 0.8 gram aluminium tube with two single-use soft dispensers, and all are packaged in a Tyvex™ sterile pouch.

Benefits of TissueAid™ Tissue Adhesive

Patented New 2-Octyl Formulation - high flexibility and strength.

High Viscosity Formulation - increased safety, efficiency.

Excellent bonding with tissue and skin, closes wound with comparable strength to sutures.

No pain, no anaesthesia needed.

Rapid reaction forming microbial and waterproof barrier, significantly lower infection rate than sutures.

Shorter operation time than suturing.

Less scaring than sutures, excellent cosmetic result.

Does not require return visit for removal.

Secures the wound and sloughs off as the wound heals in 5-10 days.

Biodegradable, biocompatible.

Day 0 TissueAid
Day 0 Sutured
Day 30 TissueAid
Day 30 Sutured